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People and their skills are the principal resource of any business. The E.L Consult Group is about people and the matching of their skills to the client's requirements.

E.L Consult has specialised in personnel and management consulting in Australia and Asia since 1976 and offers a comprehensive range of services including the provision of executives for short term or career placement. Expansion of the Sydney office resulted in a presence in Melbourne and then Hong Kong, Singapore, Shanghai and Beijing. In late 1992, the Beijing office developed into a full service office specialising in the recruitment of PRC Nationals. E.L Consult has associates in North America and Europe.

E.L Consult is a leader in the region, offering a highly rigorous, externally assessed quality search methodology that is at the forefront of industry standards. This cognitive approach virtually eliminates permanent or contract appointment risk.

Clients of E.L Consult include major world finance, manufacturing, resource and trading companies. Significantly, many are on permanent retainer.

E.L Consult core businesses are both executive search, executive contracting and employee leasing. This gives clients the full range of recruitment options. E.L Consult 's informative business seminar programs, are provided free of charge to clients. The E.L Consult Index provides clients with a survey of executive-level demand. This monthly report surveys regional recruitment trends and serves to strengthen the knowledge base of our clients.

E.L Blue is a Business Process Outsourcing company (BPO) and provides the complete outsourcing of a company's human assets management. Through "employee leasing" E.L Blue handles the human component of the business ensuring that permanent and casual human resources are provided to meet production schedules on a JIT basis. E.L Blue takes responsibility for all recruitment, induction, training, occupational health and safety, payroll management, industrial relations and legislative issues.



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